GHASA – Spring is in the air

Written by Renet Rothman

August 18, 2020

Spring is in the airAnne's Place in Potchefstroom

Who recognises this, watched documentaries and yearns to visit Antarctica?

Who of you have actually been there? Exactly! Not many of us.

There’s a message here. It’s all about perceptions, your role, our role and how we can make a difference – for this land we love.

With passion and commitment from us all, the foundation for future travel will be solid. If nothing else, it will be more solid than it is right now.

We cannot rely on our governments when it comes to Africa’s publicity and promotion, and when that is the case, our best, and perhaps only, option is to do something ourselves. We are all in this, and we know what Africa offers for both business and leisure travel. It is simply spectacular.

September is tourism month; with Heritage Day, National Braai Day, and importantly across the southern hemisphere it’s the start of spring. The most positive month of the year.

So, for the month of September, GHASA ‘s emphasis is about just this. Positivity! All while helping you promote and run, your property better.

Play your part. You have heard of the butterfly effect, or how a droplet’s ripple if far reaching, the power of modern-day technology offers us opportunities not seen before. Use it please!


  1. What does September mean for us?
    1. Spring-clean; a term that literally means what it says. Dust off the cobwebs, air the sheets, open the shutters – and let’s get prepared.
    2. New buds symbolize life, rejuvenation and the start of something beautiful. September is just that.
    3. ‘Staycation,’ local is lekker; – call it what you like. The more local tourism flourishes, the stronger our industry will be. And if you are uncertain – click here to see the line-up of 30 incredible images of what’s on offer in destinations around South Africa.
    4. Here’s a thought: The tulip growing in Netherlands covers about 14,000 hectares. Just one of the National parks on offer in South Africa (Namaqua National Park) is 10 times that size! Folks, we are host to one of the greatest floral kingdoms on the planet – and we simply do not do enough to spread the word or even experience it. And it is on our doorstep!
  1. Spreading the word is essential – and it is easier than you may think:
    1. Mail all your email contacts
    2. Add to your email signature
    3. Post on Facebook, your website, just get the message out – YOUR message.
  2. Promoting the magic: Scenery, wildlife, the experiences attractions are what we’re about. Whether, local or regional, be it the cultural attractions, family venues, corporate meeting spots, coffee shops, museums, nature reserves, beaches, wilderness trails, wildlife parks – we have the lot. Share it!
  3. Educate where you can: Every day we all have an opportunity to be a leader. To get the message across. Guests overnighting all have, 1, 3 or maybe 5 contacts to whom they could share your message! Become positively fanatical about the future of our tourism – we all depend and need each other.

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